Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Looks like its going to be made into a journal. I would like to pen down my day to day life here and that would be a good way to keep a record of my life here. Later when I'm old(yeah, I am young) and wish to look back on life, I can supposedly turn out here.

In the last 3 years, I made quite some lifestyle changes and I believe they were for good. Better in fact.

And there are some more I would like to incorporate.

Like munching on a few almonds daily.

Going for a 30 mins walk every morning.

Including fruits in my diet. Honestly, I have n't done anything in this Dept yet. And I have a feeling that I wont do much either. Lets still keep it here.

Consuming a mix of two or three oils. Like sunflower with rice bran?

Drinking enough water each day. And drinking water soon after brushing my teeth. Warm lime water would be even  better. Lets see.

Eating kidney beans(rajma), black grams(kala chana), kabuli chana, green moong, soyabeans regularly.

Leafy greens need to make an appearance daily/weekly.

Meditate for 15 mins daily?

Whoa! That's a wholesome list huh! Gee.... and to keep this lively and not boring, let me see...I'll include a picture that exudes life. Refreshing, isn't it?



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