Saturday, 3 March 2012

Celebrating myself!

Guess with women's day round the corner, its time to throw humility into  the air for a while. So what’s that thing about myself I would want to celebrate? It’s the quality of being a woman. Celebrating myself is like saying “celebrating the woman in me”, because I am synonymous with womanhood.  I can be a daughter, a friend, a partner, a professional and mother all molded into one at the same time. Multiple role personality. Meeting the expectations of our families and making a career for oneself translates to donning several hats and juggling multiple roles, something I can do with ease. I celebrate that.

"The Woman"clicked by me in Pottery town, Bangalore.
Being a woman in a society that has been pre-dominantly male-centric isn't a joke by any means. There are the low-downs that come with it. During our growing up years we are taught that there are things we cannot do because we are woman. We are physically not as priviledged as our male counterparts. While biologically we may be a disadvantaged lot, there are aspects of a woman’s mental and phsychological attributes that are unique to a woman. We are a compliment to the other group, no less. There are things I can do, because I am a woman. I celebrate that knowledge and feeling about myself.
Women are incessantly laughed at for being irrational and lacking accountability but it is the woman who lends that humane touch to an otherwise dry world that is driven by logic and reason. I celebrate my compassionate nature and intuition which are the essence of being a woman.
I celebrate the feeling that comes with knowing who you are and what you stand for and standing for my rights as an individual. I am a modern woman who is understanding of her various roles and yet is assertive. In a society where women are expected to dress according to rules set by the other section, I represent a woman who knows it is not she who needs to dress “appropriately” but the other section who needs to change their "attitude".
Knowing my limitations while understanding the strengths and leveraging them to fulfil my dreams, makes me a quintessentially strong woman in today’s progressive world. I have learnt to enjoy myself and my life without being apologetic about it. I do get a few curious looks and "not-so-welcome" queries now and then, but I simpIy love being who I am. I celebrate me, in body and spirit. Cheers to me! 

This post has been written in response to the contest being hosted by "Women's web",


Canary said...

Lovely post! thoroughly enjoyed reading it... though i feel some of it does not apply to me but it still gave me a peek into your world :)

Sutapa Dey said...

Thanks Canary. Keep visiting. :)

Me said...

Nicely written :)

Sutapa Dey said...

Thank you.

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