Friday, 13 September 2013

Did you know?

Body language is an important aspect of our communication, mainly verbal. We give out a lot of information from the way we jerk our head to lift a finger. But mostly don't recognize it. The following list mentions some common body postures and what they convey to the observer. See if you recognize some of those you habitually do but are unconscious of.

Arms crossed: Defensive and cautious.

Resting chin on palm: Critical, cynical and negative towards the other person.

Dropping eyeglasses onto the lower bridge of the nose and peering over them: Causes negative reactions in others.

Slowly and deliberately taking off glasses and carefully cleaning the lens: The person wants to pause and think before raising opposition or asking for clarification.

Pinching bridge of the nose: Communicates great thought and concern.

Nose-rubbing or nose-touching: A sign of doubt, it often reveals a negative reaction.

Rubbing around ears: Performed while weighing an answer, commonly coupled with 'well, I don't know'.

Resting feet on a desk or chair: Gestures of territorial hegemony.

Swaying back: Weak ego.

Retracted shoulders: Suppressed anger.

Direct Eye Contact: Interested, likes you

Smiling Eyes: Is comfortable

Relaxed Brow: Comfortable

Limited or No Eye Contact: Lying, uninterested, too confined, uncomfortable, distracted

Tension in Brow: Confusion, tension, fear

Shoulders hunched forward: Lacking interest or feeling inferior

Rigid Body Posture: Anxious, uptight

Crossed arms: Can be just cold, protecting the body, or defensive

Tapping Fingers: Agitated, anxious, bored

Fidgeting with hands or objects (i.e., pen): Bored or has something to say

Leaning forward: Interested

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